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helical light

material research  Harvard Graduate School of Design  2016

critic              Leire Asensic Villoria 

collaborators      Esther Bang, Hyojin Kwon
                   Steven Meyer, David Pilz, Eric Zuckerman


Spatial continuity is explored through the assemblage of module-based geometries that conceal and reveal light through various formal patterns and arrangements.

This project focuses on the formal and spatial possibilities of ceramics, whereby a long period of research on the material’s physical characteristics was done. By utilizing the slip casting method, we generated a highly complex modular piece that through an assemblage would generate continuities of form, light and shape that would engage light in a playful manner. Through the creation of the helicoid surface and its periodic twist trimmed and mirrored, we were able to produce a form that would aggregate in multiple directions. Through the alignment of the piece perpendicularly, horizontally and straight, a variety of configurations of light filtration is generated both revealing and concealing light from surface to surface.

MODULE 02 - TRIMVert.png
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